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Fortified, functional, well designed spaces.... At Bunker Designs we create unique, comfortable living environments that afford all the safeguards necessary for a hardened structure. Our Professional Design/Construction Management Company specializes in developing Multi-Hazard Buildings capable of protecting your family, employees and valuable belongings from natural disaster, invasion, radiation, and explosive, biological and chemical assault.

In working with Bunker Designs engineers, architects, scientists and security pros, every aspect from feasibility/hazard studies and critical planning through the design/build phase is closely controlled incorporating only cutting-edge alternative energy and security technology.

All projects are handled in complete confidentially. Your fortified structure can be added to your current home or office, or constructed in any rural, suburban or city in the United States, Canada or worldwide. Click here for your free consultation.

Professional Services:
Hazard/Risk Assessment
Strategic Site Planning
Critical Path Scheduling
Energy/Security Reviews
Structural Engineering
Response Preparedness
Design/Construction Mgmt.